Psychologist Dr. Jennifer  Barbera has a Masters Degree and a PhD (in Counselling Psychology) from the University of Toronto, where she completed coursework in Assessment & Diagnosis, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Process Experiential Therapy, Personality, addiction, etc. Jennifer also has over 20  years counselling experience from her work in homeless shelters and other community organizations over the years. Over the last 13 years Jennifer has completed clinical internships and worked as a clinician in private practice, hospital and university  counselling settings.

Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Barbera decided to become a psychologist after working in homeless shelters and community organizations and realizing that she most enjoyed helping individuals to find a greater sense of happiness and contentment in their lives. She found she was able to help put people at ease through her calm, encouraging and empathic attitude. Jennifer had been working in the human services field since completing her BA in Psychology in 2002. In 2007 Jennifer decided to pursue a higher education in Psychology so that she could gain enhanced knowledge and experience in providing counselling, therapy and assessment to individuals and couples.

Approach to Psychological Counselling:

Dr. Jennifer Barbera is primarily trained in the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (including exposure therapy) and ACT and EMDR to assist with issues such as low mood, anxiety, stress,  trauma, low self-esteem etc. Because Jennifer views each individual as unique she also strives to work from an eclectic approach where she incorporates various approaches and techniques (e.g., client-centered, solution-focused, emotion-focused, DBT, ACT, mindfulness etc.) depending on an individual's presenting concerns, previous experiences and personal preferences. For more information about some of these approaches see the resources page and the FAQ's page. You can also call Dr. Jennifer Barbera C.Psych., at 905-407-5758.


Jennifer believes strongly in the power of nature and animals to help enhance  people's well-being and facilitate change and healing. In the near Jennifer plans to run part of her practice in a nature retreat centre, where she will provide a more hands on approach to helping people increase meaningful activity (through assisted behavioural activation) and enhance their contact with nature in order to better utilize nature's restorative effects to promote their capacity for healing. Jennifer believes that therapy offered in a nature setting (both inside with a natural view and/or outdoors for the more adventurous) will be helpful in assiting individuals to feel more at ease, more easily ground themselves when discussing trauma and also attain enhanced self-reflections while contemplating and discussing their life in a beautiful and serene setting.

In the meantime, for those who desire traditional counselling in a less formal setting, It may be possible to take your therapy hour outside in a park and/or nature setting if requested and weather allows.


About Registered Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Barbera:

  1. ​​ACT
  2. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.
  3. Client Centered.
  4. EMDR.
  5. Emotion Focused..
  6. Solution-focused.
  7. Exposure Therapy.
  8. Dialectical Behaviour. Therapy.

Dr. Jennifer Barbera, C.Psych.,

Registered Psychologist

Hamilton Ontario





Important in a Psychologist:

  • Non-judgemental
  • Empathic
  • Knowledgeable
  • Well-trained
  • Experienced
  • Sticks to areas of competency
  • Calm dealing with crisis
  • Flexible & open minded

Jennifer's interests and future practice direction: